What to Expect

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     Happy Wednesday you all!  I’d like to share a little bit of what you can expect to see here on my blog.  So, big reveal happening now!! ……….wait for it………….frankly, I have no idea…….but hey, maybe that’ll keep you coming back! ;-D

      I will say that I do have SOME ideas brewing! To name a few, I’m hoping to post some DIY projects, as my hubby and I have DIY-ed almost all the furnishings (very much still in process) in our house….NOT to say that we are experts by ANY means, but maybe, just maybe, we can share some helpful tips that you haven’t come across yet on your Pinterest excursions ;).

     I also hope to share a little of every day life with you, as time allows. My goal was to post once a week, but as last week proved, life with an infant is very unpredictable…. so I’m choosing not to put myself into a box and create unnecessary stress. One of the things I’ve purposed is that writing WILL NOT take priority over the needs of my family…after all, isn’t that the most important job for a wife and mother…to show Jesus to and care for her little corner of the world? Let me tell you, I sure do love my “corner”!

     The other things that I will be sharing will be left to the leading of Holy Spirit as my very purpose on this earth is to bring God glory. So in reality, this blog may end up looking completely different than what I have in mind. That my friends, is the most exciting thing to me! I can hardly wait to see how God uses it!
You’re probably thinking….what you talking about girl? How are you expecting to glorify God when all you talk about is you and your family?!!….sounds a bit selfish if you ask me!  Well, my imaginary friend, thats just it….see I believe that God CAN and WILL use us in ANY way that we give Him opportunity to!

Speaking for myself, some of THE MOST inspirational motivators in my life have come from personal stories and personal experiences.  People speaking an embarrassing amount of honesty, a painful amount of truth, sharing the joyful, yet mostly nitty gritty everyday life experiences.  For me, these speak to my heart the most…maybe that doesn’t do it for you, maybe you need more refined, eloquent words…and that’s perfectly fine if that’s what speaks to your soul!…but fair warning…I’m anything but eloquent and refined.  >> DISCLAIMER<<  Not that that speaks to the shame of my dear mother…in fact I must say how incredibly grateful I am to that amazing lady for teaching me among many other things, the importance of honesty, always believing there are TWO sides to every story and not taking on the emotions of one side until you’ve heard the other, loyalty, respect to authority but especially to your husband….I’m not saying I have these all figured out by ANY MEANS!! Please don’t take it that way…I’m so far from perfect…but she did play a huge part in me learning just how important those qualities are to possess.

All that to say, I hope in some small way I can be an encouragement to you.  If you read something I write and feel that I have it all wrong, please feel free to contact me and share your thoughts.  And now I must go because a certain someone in my “corner” is screaming for relief from his boredom with sitting in one spot for 10 seconds…apparently there’s too many other areas of the house that MUST be explored….like that chair 2 feet away…someone needs to bang on it with their feet!…. to see if it’s sturdy I suppose… 😀 Until next time!

4 thoughts on “What to Expect”

  1. I am so proud of you, you are a talented young lady and I thank God for you!!! 💕💕 I can’t wait to hear more of your thoughts, doings, etc. 💖



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