Let’s Start at the Very Beginning…

Hey there! Thanks so much for stopping by! This new journey of blogging is rather intimidating to me, yet at the same time I’m eager to embrace this challenge…hopefully I don’t bore you to death. 😉

So here goes… my name is Heidi. Interesting fact, or not so interesting depending on your level of intrigue…my dad chose my name. For some reason I find this rather endearing and special. Maybe because I honestly wouldn’t think that baby girl-name-picking fit the description of a do-everything-yourself-if-it’s cheaper carpenter/ handy-man and hoarder-in-denial…but alas, the wonderful man I call “Dad” chose my name and turns out, I kind of don’t mind it. 😀

So a few things about me, the most important fact being, I am a Jesus-follower. The old-fashioned kind that believes the Bible is the LIVING Word of God, the Creator of the Universe. I believe the Bible is perfectly written as is and the mysteries it holds are the key to an abundant and vibrant life…I’m still working on that part. I’m more imperfect than anyone you might meet, but I desire with all my heart to know Him better every day.

I am the wifey to a man of many talents and titles…he goes by Jimmy, Jim, or Jimmy Lee (the latter NOT being his preference). He’s a mechanic, do-it-yourself-er handyman, capable of most things he puts his mind to… I’ll stop there because undoubtedly you’ll hear more about him later on! I am a first-time mama to THE most adorable baby on the planet…I’m sure every mom feels this way but OH let me tell you!….this baby lights up my life and puts all the feels in places I didn’t know I possessed in this little heart of mine! I’m stopping myself from going on and on and on about him for your sake, but maybe, just maybe I’ll expound more on the joys of this precious child…wait for it……………..later on. 😉

A few hobbies I have include drawing, writing ( hence this blog…no duh, Heidi), making things (currently wooden signs are my jam), growing house plants, having lots and lots of pets (although currently we are pet-less for the FIRST time in my life…SOBS), making new friends and so much more!

I grew up in the good old state of Iowa, yes when you think pigs and cornfields, you pretty much have it right…we had both. Our little farmette was surrounded by cornfields (or bean fields depending on the year), and we had about every kind of farm animal at some point in my growing up years. Fast forward to the present I am now residing in Pennsylvania where my husband was born and raised. Quite an adjustment, let me tell you! I’ll be sure and share more about that monumental change and how I handled it (not) so well.

If you’ve stuck with me this far, kudos to you…I think we might just be friends…or you’re my mom…love you mom. ;-P Anyhoo…I’m going to shut it down for now. Until next time!

2 thoughts on “Let’s Start at the Very Beginning…”

  1. I loved reading your blog. Totally understand being homesick, while not wanting leave where you are, because your new love is there. Miss you, sweet girl.


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